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[FREE] [APP] [4.0+] Fleksy Keyboard Beta

Discussion in 'Normal Apps (No ROOT required)' started by Ashwin, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Ashwin

    Ashwin New Member

    Fleksy is an upcoming keyboard app with smart auto correct with special features.

    You can read more at the play store page, but first do the following to get access to it:

    Login to Google and join the Fleksy community.
    Then visit this page and Become a beta tester for Fleksy and then visit the Fleksy Beta to install.
  2. Geekiest

    Geekiest New Member

    The Beta link is broken it seems.

  3. Ashwin

    Ashwin New Member

    Thanks for reporting it. :)

    Fixed the link.
  4. Geekiest

    Geekiest New Member

    Understood, The link work only if you are a part of beta tester team. Complete the first two steps and then it works
  5. Ashwin

    Ashwin New Member

    Actually even the community link was broken :p and that is the first step

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