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Looking for a mobile+web based expense manager

Discussion in 'Ask for Help' started by grr, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. grr

    grr New Member

    Hello Frnds,

    I'm looking for an application to manage expenses. Features required are listed below:

    Web- based- MUST
    Mobile app-ok, but not necessary
    Ability to export as spreadsheet
    Should be FREE

    Please suggest something.

  2. avinash

    avinash Administrator Staff Member

    to be honest, I got no idea. Never used any app of this kind. Try looking at playstore, sort out few and then may be we can give some opinion.
  3. ShirleyFWilliams

    ShirleyFWilliams New Member

    I did not hear any application as such. but the idea about the application is quite interesting. if it was available that could be the best for use. Hope such an application comes into existence soon. Thank you.

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