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Questions on Redmi1S

Discussion in 'Ask for Help' started by grr, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. grr

    grr New Member

    Bought a new Redmi1S and have few questions.

    1. how much free space is there?
    2. how many pre-installed + system apps did you freeze? 
    3. anything to fix battery drain (idle drain)?
    4. photos aren't clear, any camera settings to improve the quality?
    5. I have set the date in ddmmyyyy format, but widget doesn't show it in the format. Also SMS timestamp is mmddyyyy
    6. Any way to ungroup SMS? It is all listed like gmail conversation.

    Things I have done:
    1. Rooted
    2. Freezed these pre-installed apps- Browser, Chrome, Drive, Facebook, Flipkart, Google-Hindi Input, Pinyin Input, Play Books, Play Games, Play Movies & TV, Play Music, Play Newsstand, Search, Text to Speech, Google+, Maps, MiTalk, Street View, YouTube = 19 apps
    3. Installed 19 apps
    4. PerTiBu, there are 43 User Apps, 122 System apps
    5. Free Space=2.84GB / 6.14GB. Apps=1.66GB, Misc=1.61GB
    6. Have 16GB SD card installed

  2. avinash

    avinash Administrator Staff Member

    I will try to answer your quests one by one. I am running Android version 4.3 JLS36C and MIUI - JHCMIBH45.0 on the Redmi 1S. The smartphone is NOT rooted.

    Free Space ~2.5 GB space left with few social apps and few small games installed. NO SD card added.

    Frozen apps : None

    To fix battery drain - have done nothing. All stock MIUI settings

    Camera - default settings.

    No issues with date format, just let it set automatically based on your network settings instead of choosing to set on your own.

    To ungroup sms, go to SMS app settings and disable all settings under group option.
  3. grr

    grr New Member

    Thanks Avi.

    I'm also running Android version 4.3 JLS36C and MIUI - JHCMIBH45.0.1

    It's set to Auto-update Date/Time from Network. I have just set Date format as dd/mm/yyyy. BUT everywhere date is shown in the format mm/dd/yyyy
    Automatic Time-Zone if OFF though

    In SMS settings->Display->
    Group Messages by Time=OFF
    Group Carrier Messages=OFF

    Still all SMS's are grouped.

  4. avinash

    avinash Administrator Staff Member

    U shold even set the time zone to automatic then w.r.t network settings.

    Regarding SMS grouping, will checkout and revert.
  5. grr

    grr New Member

    Have set the time zone to automatic then w.r.t network settings. Still the date is shown as mmddyyyy
  6. avinash

    avinash Administrator Staff Member

    Ohh.. Will checkout and inform if I find anything new.
  7. irenejacob

    irenejacob New Member

    Thank you for your information about redmi, I need to buy one

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