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Tiny Thief is today's Amazon free app of the day

Discussion in 'Deals' started by Ashwin, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Ashwin

    Ashwin New Member

    Tiny Thief is today's Amazon free app of the day. Don't miss this one

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  2. avinash

    avinash Administrator Staff Member

    Just downloaded and installed on my Nexus 4. Looks something different but slow. But may be because I am not fond of games. :)
  3. grr

    grr New Member

    Having a hard time to call it game or play
  4. Ashwin

    Ashwin New Member

    Its a point and click adventure guys. You have to find the three objects given on the screen. Observe carefully, and tap on things you find.

    You may have to perform a certain task to get to the object. Eg: climbing a ladder to reach a roof

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