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What Android Device do you use?

I own a Samsung Galaxy S Advance aka the Samsung Galaxy 2 Lite running on Stock 4.1.2 with a custom kernel.
I also own a Google Nexus 7 16 GB wifi only version running on stock 4.2.2.

Both devices are rooted :)

Tell us about the Android Device you use.


Staff member
I own two Android devices at the moment.

1. LG P500 Optimus one and
2. Nexus 4

Nexus 4 is my primary device for almost everything.
For me its more of an unconventional route. I own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 and that is my first android device. Maybe sometime later I'll get a powerful android phone.


LG P500 Optimus One
(Heavily modded and customised) Secondary Phone :p

Sasmung Galaxy Grand

Running Leaked firmware of 4.2.2 :D