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Make the monkeys climb poles and retrieve bananas in MONKEY POLE CLIMB

New game released today (30. 06. 2013) by Anthill Games Ltd. In this game you have to help monkeys retrieve bananas stolen by a gorilla.

[font=Roboto, Arial, sans-serif]Get ready to enter the Monkey Kingdom and retrieve bananas from Heston the gorilla in this all-new version of the International Mobile Gaming Awards “Best Gameplay” winning game.[/font]
[font=Roboto, Arial, sans-serif]Help the monkeys retrieve bananas stolen by Heston the gorilla. Steer magic balloons as they fall and guide the monkeys up their poles. Play subgames, score bonuses and win medals. Monkey Pole Climb is a game like no other, addictive and totally original.[/font]
[font=Roboto, Arial, sans-serif]Monkey Pole Climb features hand drawn animation frames by David Hankin, inspired by illustrations and cartoons from the nineteen fifties.[/font]
[font=Roboto, Arial, sans-serif]Features:
- Unique award-winning gameplay
- Hand-drawn cartoon animations
- Original score by Knowledge Transfer
- 100 levels of hot jungle action
- 2 subgames featuring fruit and frogs!
- 40 devious medal tasks[/font]

Play Store Link --> Monkey Pole Climb.