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Transferring files to and from your android device using FTP

This is more of a help request thread than How to.

I know how to connect and transfer files to and from android device using FTP but it's not working properly. It is actually working just one way. I can upload files to my device from my pc but I cannot download from my device.

When I right-click on any files or folders the download option is grayed.

Apps used:

FTP Server on my android device: FTPDroid
FTP Client on my windows pc: FileZilla

Not sure whether its important or not but I would like to mention 2 things

1. I am using an unrooted device.
2. I don't have an SD card. I just wanted to download files from my device inbuilt memory.

That's it. Hope to get some kind of help to overcome this situation.
I checked some of the threads at filezilla support, and they say the download option is grayed only when there is no writable local directory selected.

Try downloading to a different folder or
Run filezilla with administrator rights and see if it helps
Thank you Ash for the help.

Yes, I din't have any local directory selected and that is why the download option was grayed. Now it seems working fine.